Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Textile Designer Amy Butler

I got a sewing machine last Christmas, so curtain fabrics are very much on my mind. While I have visions of Kravat, Duralee and Schumacher (Imperial Trellis, anyone?), I simply cannot bear the $100+ per yard price tags. Enter Amy Butler. Her aesthetic is all about vintage with a modern twist. Big, splashy flowers done in graphic fashion. With just a bit of searching, it can be found for sale online at prices ranging from $8 to $15 a yard. Which leaves one some money, and fabric, left over for matching dresses and babushkas (for when one is having a "Sound of Music" moment, naturally).
Amy Butler's Fresh Poppies in fuchsia

Amy Butler's Belle Acanthus

Amy Butler's Cherry

Amy Butler's Floating Buds in ivory


  1. I've got several of her patterns as well. I think they are well put together. There used to be a local place you could go put your hands on her fabrics, but I don't know of one anymore.