Monday, March 21, 2011

Papier-Mâché Easter Eggs

What should pop into my email this cheery spring morning but an ad for this darling papier-mâché Easter egg treat from Williams-Sonoma?
Yes, a gorgeous papier-mâché egg, made in Germany, 
filled with treats. But for a whopping $26? I think not. So I went on an Easter egg hunt...
At, one can find these nostalgic boxes for $6. They are made in Germany and the Czech Republic in the manner of Victorian candy boxes. 
What great table decor for an Easter brunch. They also sell the plain egg boxes for making your own. Just add ribbons, vintage millinery stock, and pictures. Darling!
D. Blumchen & Co. also sells this sitting Osterhase candy container. Wearing a golden passementerie collar and silky ribbon bow, he was handcrafted in Germany by a small, family-run workshop. This was how candy container rabbits looked during the the early 1900s; just life his head off and fill the hollow body with candies.
Yet another Easter egg treat from Blumchen are these panorama sugar eggs. When I was a child, we got these decadent truffle eggs for Easter that looked similar. I don't see them now, but oh, how delicious they were.


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