Wednesday, March 23, 2011

C’est Très Chic: Bébé!

My good friend Julia is having "un bébé" this May. When I lived in New York City, and friends had babies, I would hit the Barneys Warehouse Sale and scour the baby racks for the most French-ified outfits I could find. My best find was a sailor shirt with a little orange fish attached by a string that could be tucked into a tiny pocket. Those French. Always thinking of the darndest things. Here, j'adore....
That French humor. I love how the broccoli is saying "Allez mange moi, Je suis sympa! ("Come eat me, I'm nice!"). The little boy doesn't look happy about this at all. 
Evidently, in France, "Eat your soup" is a common refrain. This darling bib is available at

This is a classic French book by Virginia Miller about a naughty baby bear who refuses to eat his soup, but is tempted by the promise of honey cake, should he do so. At

Yet another French book about children eating their soup. Soup is a big deal in France. At

As one gift to my friend Julia, I ordered this Sophie the Giraffe teether from French company Vulli. Originally made in 1961 of natural rubber and food-grade dyes, this little squeaky teether has been all the rage among French babies for decades. In America, this It Girl is now the i-Pod of rubber toys, a total hipster. At
These little guy looks happy about chewing on some Sophie. From


  1. We had three of most adorable little onsies from a friend from France - E wore them a long time, B outgrew them quickly.
    Sophie was on my deep desire list - but we've managed with out her!