Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dare I Attempt Le Macaron?

I've been away for several weeks, working on personal projects. One is a catered baked goods biz called Lemondrop Bakeshop. I'm going to start out small, selling old-fashioned Southern recipes at the local farmer's market. Banana pudding, buttermilk pie, cupcakes with buttercream frosting ... my childhood favorites. But I'm already plotting my next move...
Yes, I think I'll attempt macarons. 
Clearly I will need a copy of this.
And if I can master the Religieuse Rose somehow, I'll think I died and went to heaven ... or at least to Notre Dame. This is supposed to look like a nun's habit. Do you see it? I wonder. 
And while we're on the topic of Parisian pastries, I must mention this fabulous New York painter, Carol Gillott. She has a watercolor portrait business called "Take Your Pet To Paris." She sets your pet in some Parisian scene, often in front of the LadurĂ©e shop. I love this little kitty. 
I'm thinking a certain Bunny Parr-Moody would look awfully cute in front of LadurĂ©e ... but I digress. 


  1. How do we combine bake shop, and books, and art, and French tablecloths, and American quilts?! Love it all. My favorite food memory was of being in the port of Cherbourg, France, fresh hot croissants being delivered quietly to our hotel room door, avec cafe` au lait! Mmmmm

  2. I've been tempted to try my hand at macaroons too - but the weather has been so damp I'm hesitant to put a lot of effort into eggwhites.