Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pillows, the Cocktail Rings of the Home

I recently got a Singer sewing machine as a gift from my darling husband. So what does a novice seamstress dream of, since the last thing she made was an all-white, Southern belle sundress in high school? Pillows and drapes, naturally. But what is so aggravating is there are so many ready-made pillows, how can one top them? 
One of my favorite pillows of all time, "Disco Lady," by genius potter/interior designer/marketer Jonathan Adler. But at $165, it ranks up there with my "delusions of grandeur" purchases. In Adler's manifesto, he says, "We believe tassels are the earrings of the home." But I believe that pillows belong in the jewelry box, too. Maybe they are the cocktail rings of the home?
Another gem from Adler is the St. Tropez pillow for $98. He also has Capri, Cuba, Acapulco, Monte Carlo and Ipanema. (Reminds me that I need so many more stamps on my passport.) 
These "Love" pillows from Marlo Lorenz are awfully cute. 
  This bird pillow from Sukan Art on, at $49.95, is kind of darling, no?
I just love some pom-pom trim. This matryoshka doll fabric has been trimmed in butter yellow pom-poms for a sweet style that would be perfect for a nursery. How-to instructions are at  I hope something similar mysteriously materializes from my Singer ...


  1. Can't wait to see what YOU design!

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