Friday, May 20, 2011

Simply Smitten by Janet Hill's Paintings

I am smitten by the vintage glamour that pours out (in fairy dust, I'm sure) from Janet Hill's oil paintings. This Canadian painter works in oil, and her subjects include chic women, objects, food, and interiors. I especially love that one can have a more affordable version of these through Hill's Esty shop, where she offers copies as giclee prints. 
This one is called "The Ship Sinker," and I think it's obvious why. 
Love "Paige Reads Peter Pan." Makes me wish I was going to a summer dance, circa 1947. There would be punch, and some Kennedy-esque youth would spike it with bourbon. And you'd quick-step until dawn, upon which time there would be a breakfast buffet. I've heard about such affairs ... only wish I had been there. 
"Saturday Morning at Pemberley Flat" details a pug, Bloody Marys, and a room straight out of Dorothy Draper's sketchbook ... I'll take it. 
I wish I was invited to this "Sunday Picnic." 
And "Francine and her Frenchie" makes me want to don sparkly ballet flats and put Bunny in a  bicycle basket.

Have a great weekend!!!


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