Monday, February 14, 2011

Schimpff's Confectionary

A holiday of greater decadence than Valentine’s Day? I think not. In time for the grand occasion, I met the fourth-generation owners of Schimpff’s Confectionary, which has been operating in the same building in Jeffersonville, Indiana since 1892. The on-site museum houses thousands of pieces of antique candy memorabilia spanning over a hundred years. These vintage boxes are illustrated with Art Nouveau ladies and flapper girls; wouldn't it be nice to see a return to this romantic candy packaging? Shimpff’s is known for its fish candy, horehound drops, and original cinnamon red hots. They still use small kettles, natural flavors, and hand-operated equipment to make them. Their chocolate creams and truffles are delicious, far surpassing modern factory-made candy. The website is, for ordering information. 


  1. As a candy lover, I can vouch for Schimpff's candy. The turtle shaped candy was given to me, but is too cute to eat !! I will get over it, and eat those cute little chocolate turtles.