Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Birthday ... I'm Now a "Woman of a Certain Age"

It’s my birthday. I am officially a “woman of a certain age.” I’ll be honest: I expected to be somewhere exotic on my birthday. In my younger days, whenever my career as a magazine writer in New York City was tumultuous, or ill paying, my best friend Amy would say, “Oh just think – one day we’ll be sailing on the Aegean Sea!” We had hoped this would be the year for us to finally do this (by way of Paris, naturally). But we are both in career transition right now; life had plans for us other than drifting in a saphire sea. And you know what? I had a fabulous little birthday anyway. Here's why: 
My husband hung this, and six other items that have also needed hanging for some time, throughout the house. 
My parents bought me this lamp I'd been lusting from GasLamp Antiques in Nashville. She kind of reminds me of Empress Josephine. 
I got dozens of Facebook birthday wishes. One was from my friend Stan Williams, in New York, who said if we were together he would have made me this strawberry cake for my birthday. 
My dear friend Katie sent this photo of a Hermes Soirée de Gala scarf to me, and said that if she could have afforded it, she would have gotten it for me. It truly is the thought that counts, and I am so flattered. 
So while on this birthday I didn't go to Paris, or Greece, and I wasn't tooting about town in this Neiman Marcus cupcake car ... 

I had a fabulous day, nonetheless, and realized that it's like artist Eva Juliet says in this darling print (from Etsy), everything IS gonna be alright. XO - Karen  


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