Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday, Spring's Here!

Happy Friday! The weather’s gorgeous, which once again puts happy, springtime images in my mind …

I am positively head-over-heels, madly in love with all of the swimmer paintings from Kiki and Polly artist Lisa Golightly. They remind me of my childhood summers spent swimming in the Tennessee River. This one’s called “Girl in the Yellow Suit” …
… and this one’s called “All Together.” Darling, right? Available at
This is the Guest House at Hibiscus Hill on the Bahamian Harbour Island. It was designed by India Hicks, the daughter of famed British interior designer David Hicks. The Hicks clan has been congregating each Easter on Harbour Island since the late 1960s. I want to Easter egg hunt there. Rental info at

Oh, I so want to sleep in this bedroom at the Guest House.
Which Kate Spade bag best fits my mood for spring? I simply cannot decide. It’s either this one, “Hello Sunshine Willow” …
… or this one, “A DAY AWAY GEMINA.”
I love this photo of Truman Capote. It just makes me giddy. And on that note, I’m headed out to catch some rays at a softball game starring a cutie named Caroline, with her mom, my friend Dede. Have a fabulous weekend!!! XO – Karen


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