Thursday, August 18, 2011

When 1st Dibs Visits the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Many years ago I heard this strange-but-true tale of a drug kingpin's décor. I tuned out most of the story, being uninterested in the drug trade or the finer details of pit bulls. However, one point stuck: Due to his work's secretive nature, this gentleman could not flaunt his wealth. So he lived in a small bungalow with a bland exterior. However ... however ... the interior was tricked out like Kimora Lee Simmons was his stylist, lavishly over-the-top.
I have delusions of such drug kingpin grandeur whenever I visit 1st Dibs. In my fantasy, my home's exterior still looks like it belongs in its zip code. But with a few purchases, the interior becomes the domain of a Palm Beach grande dame, one who owns these 1930s-era Dorothy Draper chairs from the Crown dining room of San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel.  
And of course, why own one pair of Dorothy Draper chairs from San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel when you can own two? This pair, of cast aluminum, was made in the 1950s. J'adore.
In my fantasy, these fabulous English girandoles, circa 1775, also make their way into Chez Moody. 
While chilling in my Dorothy Draper chairs, I could play a game with the man of the house. This backgammon board was originally designed for Lucille Ball by Charles Hollis Jones, who said, "Lucy ... was a fierce player." 
Where better to tuck away said backgammon game than in this 1950s Dorothy Draper chest from The Espana Collection for Heritage? 
My, this fantasy was as fun as a trip back in time to the Greenbrier Hotel when Mrs. Draper was the decorator. Now back to work ... or to rob a Brinks truck for a perfectly criminal ode to a criminal's interior.


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