Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Glenn Harren and the Amazing "Everyday"

Glenn Harren studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts during the late '70s, then went on to an assortment of odd jobs: dishwasher, short-order cook, bartender, cabbie. Exposure to vast quantities of "ordinary life" led to his ability to depict the "everyday." He now produces giclĂ©es of his original canvases, so we can all afford a glimpse into the infinitely, innocently intimate ( 
Lambertville Flea Market. Can't you feel that crisp morning air of early fall with this image? I can smell the musty book scent from here.
The Yard Sale. I love the Technicolor brightness of this one. And those kids ... they were so excited about Mom planning this sale. They want candy money. 
The Farm Stand. I love how the girl decided to dress fashionably for her farm stand marketing. I'd buy fresh eggs from her. 
The Backyard. This one seems tinged with mystery to me. Is the woman pregnant again? Is she tired? Worried? Bored? I sense some tension here. The kids in the background are, naturally, oblivious. 


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