Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Lovelies of Laundry

My husband recently installed a contraption called an "outdoor clothes dryer." This is just a fancy, 2011 way of saying "old-timer's drying rack." He's into this urban "homesteading" lifestyle, as we now not only have 30 tomato plants, we also have four heirloom chickens pecking away inanely at the ground. So this is what this dryer thing looks like ... 
Jealous much? It makes the sheets feel deliciously crisp, plus they smell like fresh air. Yum. I never believed Martha Stewart all of those years when she waxed rhapsodic about such things. Then again, I lived in New York City and I doubt the air there would have imparted the same "je ne sais quoi" as that of Tennessee. 
Speaking of laundry, how glamorous are these ads for ... Dreft? Yes, only in Poland, evidentally, could beautiful illustrations be used to sell laundry detergent.
 The Leo Burnett agency in Poland was responsible. I'm not sure why they're written in English.
 Love these. The Dreft bottle looks a little incongruous, though. Right? Anyway, I'm glad that the Advertising is Good For You blog brought this to my attention. Otherwise I would have needed to, at some point in my lifetime, Google "Dreft" and "Poland." Hmmm. 


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