Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do Bother To Knock

Back in 2007 I was working on creative for some pricey brownstones in Nashville, trying to come up with ways to "brand" them. I became enamored with the notion of putting a different Victorian-reproduction door knocker on each one's door. Coincidentally, around that time, an article came out in Vanity Fair about Serge Gainsbourg's home in Paris, and what was on his front door? A ball-in-hand door knocker, just like those so popular during the Victorian era. 
This is an example of such a door knocker, from the Figural Cast Iron Collectors Club. 
While working on the project, naturally I had to have this brass fox for inspiration (from He's now on my front door, and will look more dapper once it is painted Wedgwood blue. (Dorothy Draper always said one must have a welcoming door color). 
I found this glamorous Neptune knocker from Parisian blog Just Another American in Paris. I am feeling it stateside for a "cottage" in Palm Beach or Newport. 
This fabulous door knocker of Athena is on a country house in Ireland, where the blog Sallys Gardens is written. I love this high-gloss blue door color. (Lassco in England sells reproductions of the Athena type door knocker). 
I just adore this antique door knocker found from the Figural Cast Iron Collectors Club. She is a Hubley Bathing Beauty from the 1920s, designed by English cartoonist Anne Fish. I could see her on a colorful Tybee Island cottage that has been renovated by interior designer and preservationist Jane Coslick. 


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