Friday, June 24, 2011

Cherub Mermen, Who Thought of That?

In order to own a Tybee Island beach house, I must rob a Brink's truck or write a best-selling whodunit, and I cannot gauge which is less likely, the odds for either being infinitesimal. Still, that does not stop my pulse from quickening at beach-themed objects of d├ęcor. 
Can't you just hear the strains of "Moon River" playing in the background for this fabulous Victorian cachepot? I can. Because I'm envisioning it at a beachside wedding party, filled with fluffy pink peonies, and set it at the bride and groom's table. Delish.
I love that the figural handles can't decide if they are mermen or cherubs, so they're just both. Why not when torn between one mythical creature or another? I want to be a pegasus mermaid myself, or, you know, a Medusa Neptune. I also love that they have wings made of shells, and that the shells have pearls in them. I'm so glad some sweaty Victorian blacksmith dreamt up the  merman cherub.  
This cachepot also has a separate liner that goes in it so that it can be made into a lamp. So, after the wedding, put it by the bed for reading "Joy of Cooking" late at night, naturally. 


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