Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tie One On

Like Kate Spade, I love a bow. No matter how streamlined an outfit, the bow tie introduces a hint of whimsy.
Take, for example, this smoldering satin dress worn by Rita Hayworth in “Gilda” in 1946. Designed by Jean Louis, the dress was made to hid Hayworth’s pregnancy – with the bow being a key to the camouflage. 
And didn’t Grace Kelly know how to work a bow? 
I think we all know by now that stilettos are unhealthy for the human foot. But the iconic bow heels by Valentino are worth wearing for a few hours … perhaps while sitting in a chaise and reading about Madame du Pompadour (as these are certainly Pompadour pink).

For those who simply can’t hack heels, there’s always a bow-topped satin clutch, also by Valentino.
Artist Marta Spendowska has rendered some gorgeous gals with their necks draped in dramatic bows.
And for a bow tie created with an artist’s hand, here is a handcrafted gem by Otis James of Nashville.


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