Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer is over

I took a break from blogging this summer. But naturally, I made some blog-able discoveries. One was Cecily Rush, who is an amazing designer, sculpture and painter. She lives in a tiny New York town and makes whimsical party hats and other celebratory items under the name Cecily Rush & Co.
An example of a Cecily Rush party hat. 
I ordered this rabbit headband from Rush's Etsy site for my daughter's second birthday party, which was Peter Rabbit themed. The site is here:
And here's the hat on the little rabbit. 

With Day of the Dead coming up on Nov. 1, a special hat is in order, no? 
Or how about some Maleficent wings for your little one's Halloween costume?
Cecily Rush does it all: hats, crowns, favors, table pieces, gifts and decorations for birthdays, weddings and other occasions. Love this little dandy hat for that special boy's party.
And I must have this sash for Mother's Day 2015. Made of wool felt, glass glitter, paper, wire, paint, satin fabric and ribbons. Because this is a sash made for a queen, right?  


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