Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Glamour + Camping = Glamping!

With this delicious chill in the air, I have lately had dreams of embracing this phenomenon called glamping (i.e. glamorous camping). Enter The Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog, which was just unveiled two weeks ago. It features this $75,000 "Dream Folly" yurt. 
It is strewn with velvet pillows and also includes linen wall coverings and a crystal chandelier. S'mores and champagne, anyone?
This photo by Rick Lucas reveals the enchanted interior of the "Bohemian Bungalow" at The Martyn House in the North Georgia mountains, where glamping is the order of the day. Among the services are candlelit dinners and foot massages. Yes, that sound you hear is my car warming up for the drive.

This is the exterior of the "Bohemian Bungalow." Did I mention that The Martyn House also offers farm-to-table dinners and mint julep hand wraps?

Of course, I'd be remiss if I did not mention the glampest of all glampers, Peter Beard. For decades he has created reveries in the form of diaries at his 45-acre Hog Ranch, Kenya. Does it get any more glamorous than a tent strewn with oriental rugs and surrounded by African wildlife? Hog Ranch is located next to the property on which Karen Blixen, of "Out of Africa" fame, once had her coffee plantation. Now that's glamour. (Photo by Alexandre Bailhache, reproduced with permission from Taschen Books).


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